10 Beautiful Huskies Enjoying The Snow

We all know that typically, Siberian Huskies are dogs of the snow or ‘Snow Dogs’ – this is true and is demonstrated in these pictures, however Huskies can and do live in areas without cold/cool temperatures. Best practices for these conditions are a water area for the Husky. For example a large enough bucket the Husky can occasionally jump in, and cool himself down. – Another good way is to use a hose pipe and occasionally spray your Husky – don’t worry Huskies go CRAZY when this happens and absolutely love it!

1)  “I LOVE THE SNOW!” 😛Beautiful Husky in snow with tongue out

2) “We can eat it too!?”

Two Huskies part of a sleigh

3) Don’t you ever wonder what they are busy thinking during photographs like these?

Sleigh Husky close up photo

4) The Three Husketeers 🙂

3 Beautiful huskies in snow

5) Afternoon nap in the snow, nothing special!

Husky asleep on snow

6) In my opinion, Huskies have the most beautiful eyes on the planet.

Husky portrait close up beautiful eyes

7) “I’m just that photogenic”

Cute Sleigh Husky posing

8) Beautiful photograph of a Siberian Husky

Beautiful Husky facial features

9) Pokerface. 🙂

Husky posing for photo in snow

10) About last night.. 😛

Two beautiful sleigh Huskies posing in snow

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