10 Yorkies Too Small To Be Believed

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a teenie-tiny Yorkie raring to steal your heart! Yorkshire terriers rarely exceed the weight of seven pounds, which locates them right in the toy category. Despite the classification, don’t be fooled—Yorkies are a spunky and vivacious breed that also happen to be totally okay with being lugged around in a bag while you shop or cuddled on your lap while you catch up on emails. Lo and behold, ten Yorkies so small, the world just got ten times bigger. (article continues below)

Sleepy Time


This tiny terrier loves nothing more than resting comfortably in the crook of its owners arm. The soft fleece probably doesn’t hurt either.

Speedy Slick


Look at this little guy go! At such a high velocity, this intense game of fetch is bound to be over quickly.

Puppy Dog Eyes


Look at these adorable buddies just made for one another. Down to the gleam in their eyes, these two are a total dream team. Because of their diminutive size, Yorkies are easy to train if you start them young.

Going Places


This sophisticated Yorkie is hitting the town for another rowdy night of toy chewing and sight seeing. Being one of the smallest breeds, these dogs are super easy to travel with.



Don’t mess with this bad-to-the-bone terrier. He’s wearing his doggles, so he means business.

 Coming Through, Coming Through


Get a load of this 3 lb. Yorkie lugging along a 30 lb. carry on. She’s got a flight to catch and nothing is getting in the way of her and her parents making it…not even her little Yorkie size.

Eyes On the Prize


This green ball dwarfs the cozy, tiny Yorkie laying right next to it.  Though it may not seem like it, Yorkies make excellent watch dogs because of their constant vigilance and protectiveness.

Step Into My Office


This Yorkie has something he’d like to talk with you about…but good luck fitting into his tiny little workspace!



Their furry paws might be little, but they definitely do the trick. These sweet, small Yorkies are going places—watch out, Hollywood!

Vogueing for the Camera


Buddies ’til the end, these precious pals fully embrace their difference in size and love each other even more for it.

The lowdown on Yorkies

  • They shed ten times less than other dogs
  • They eat a fraction of the food a bigger dog would
  • They’re one of the most loyal companions you could ask for
  • They have personality for days.
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What’s not to love? This breed is perfect for busy, apartment dwelling folks who love to cuddle and are willing to treat their teensy terrier like the prince or princess they are.


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