17-year-old German Shepherd with Cancer Rescued, Carried out of the Woods

“Rocky is a 17-year-old German Shepherd mix who thought he would never see another day out of isolation. The dog was lost in the woods in Conway, New Hampshire, and he was scared and alone.

That is, until hikers came to his rescue. 🙂

Logger Jake Higgins spotted Rocky all alone. That’s when Higgins called the Conway Area Humane Society to get him some help.

Upon arrival, they realized Rocky was an older dog. Reasonably so, he appeared to be exhausted, but happy to be rescued.

One of the Humane Society’s members filmed Jake as he carried Rocky out of the woods, and the video was posted on Facebook.

In a twist of fate, a friend of Rocky’s owners recognized the pup!

It turns out the Rocky went missing July 4th weekend after the fireworks scared him, and that’s when he got lost.

His dad was so grateful to have Rocky back, especially since he has spent every day searching for the dog ever since he went missing.

Rocky’s dad is no stranger to helping out, as he has helped other people locally search for their lost pets.

The shelter’s operations manager recommends pets are secured indoors when fireworks go off to prevent anymore instinctive runaways.”


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