3 Simple & Effective Dog Training Tricks You Can Teach At Home

german shepherd dog trainingMost dog owners know the problems associated with a dog that doesn’t listen, so whether you are too busy to extensively train your dog or whether it is too expensive – here are 3 dog training tricks you can teach in the comfort of your own home.

But how would one start with dog training? You could go to a class but this isn’t even necessary – actually, it could even be fun for you and your dog if you start with the right attitude! 🙂 So stay positive.


This command is one of the simplest commands to teach and is perfect for you to start with.

  • Show a treat right in front of your dog’s nose
  • Move your hand with the treat in it up causing his head to follow it and his bottom to lower to the ground
  • After he’s sitting, say “Sit”, let him eat the treat and show affection

You should repeat this between 2 – 5 times a day until he/she has the command mastered. Then ask him/her to Sit before meals, before going for walks and other occasions you’d like him/her to sit and remain seated and calm.


Out of all dog training commands, this one is one of the hardest to teach mainly because it is a submissive command. The difficulty  can be eased however, by remaining positive and calm throughout the sequence – particular with anxious and fearful dogs.

  • Keep a really nice smelling treat in a closed fist
  • After moving your fist to the dogs nose, lower your hand to the ground so your dog follows
  • After his head his lowered, trail your hand along the floor so his body follows his head
  • He is now in the “Down” position so give him/her the treat and show affection

You must repeat this sequence every day as per usual and keep in mind that if he/she lunges forward or moves say “No” and move your fist away. Encourage your dog to take steps in the right direction since all they’re trying to do is understand what to do!

Come Here

Is your dog running off at every given chance? Are you worried about taking our dog out in public due to their sporadic and unpredictable behavior? Well once you have this command written down, you no longer have to worry! This one is pretty simple.

  • Place a collar and leash on your pooch
  • Lower yourself to his/her height and say “Come” And gently pull on the leash
  • After he or she  approaches you give them a treat and show affection once again 🙂

After he’s mastered it with a leash, practice this command in a safe and secure area without the leash.

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