5 pug art-work designs to get your creativity flowing

Whether you’re an artist or just in need of some inspiration to bring out your creativity, these pictures of pug art-work designs will hopefully help you out. I know these are simple images but sometimes all we need is just a bit of extra visuals to bring out the creative genius in all of us!

I have heard of photos being manipulated into art-like designs, but this is on another level!

Pug artwork

Whether this is legal or not – it sure made me laugh, and took a while to finish. It surely deserves an award!

pug graffiti

You heard of Thug life, but what about Pug life? 

Pug life

A beautiful design of a charming yet confused looking Pug!

Pug art

I want a hat like that, does anyone know where to get one? 😛

Pug art

Did you know? Pugs stand between 10 inches to 1 foot and 2 inches tall at the shoulder and the average lifespan of a healthy pug is 12 to 15 years


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