5 Secrets to Keeping Your Rottweiler Happy and Healthy

Responsible dog owners should know the right way to keep their pets healthy and happy. For a lot of dogs, daily exercise, healthy food, and adequate play time are enough. But some dog breeds, like the Rottweiler, might need something extra. Rottweilers are active working dogs, so their owners should be prepared to give them the care and attention they require. Here are five secrets on how to keep a rottweiler happy and healthy.

1. Make Sure Their Claws and Coat are Well Maintained

All dogs deserve to be properly groomed. They should be bathed regularly, their teeth brushed, their coats combed and their nails clipped. Luckily for rottweiler owners, this breed does not shed a lot, so an occasional brushing with a brush is enough to keep their coats pristine. Rotties should only be given baths as needed, but their ears and eyes should be cleaned regularly. Owners should also make sure their dog’s claws are trimmed.

2. Pay Special Attention to Possible Genetic Problems

The extensive breeding of dogs for particular appearance-based characteristics has resulted in unfortunate genetic problems for some breeds.  Rottweilers are often hounded by joint issues, particularly hip dysplasia. Owners should try to give their rottweilers adequate exercise in order to keep their joints supple and active. It also helps keep the dogs trim, which is vital as the extra weight puts a lot of pressure on the joints.

Ask your vet to check your dog for hip dysplasia and other joint problems so they can come up with the best health plan for your pooch. Owners should also be aware of other problems like eye problems, heart disease, food allergies and bloat.


3. Keep Them Busy and Stimulated

Pet lovers who know how to keep a rottweiler happy understands the importance of keeping them busy and mentally stimulated. This breed was initially used for farm work and has done everything, from being used in law enforcement to pulling carts. This has led to a natural inclination to be active and to have the intelligence and energy for that. If you want to keep your Rottweiler from being destructive, you have to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Give them something to do, as they have an excess of stamina and energy and need to burn these off daily. Daily exercise keeps them fit and will prevent behavioral problems from developing. But like their humans, Rotties have their own preferences when it comes to physical activity. So try out different exercises and see which ones they prefer. Aside from running or walking, you can get them to do obstacle courses, play with frisbees, or go swimming.

4. Don’t Leave Them Alone for Long

A large percentage of Rottweilers have separation anxiety. This is due to the dog’s intense loyalty to their owners. This attachment becomes so strong at times that the dog barely leaves their human’s side. Leaving them alone, even for short periods of time, can make them feel abandoned or distressed. This can result in tantrums and a destroyed home or yard. But if you know how to keep a rottweiler happy and calm, you can lessen their separation anxiety and make things easier for everyone.

The first 40 minutes of the owner leaving is the period that the dog becomes destructive. Leaving them with toys filled with cream cheese, dog food, or kibble before leaving will give them something to do for a few minutes. This might even cause them to forget that you have left. It’s also a good idea to keep calm before leaving and when returning. Simply leave without saying goodbye and return quietly.

Lastly, never yell or hit your dog when you come back and see they have chewed the furniture or peed on the floor as this will just reinforce their anxiety. Give them the silent treatment, clean up, and be patient with them.

5. Give them the Right Training

One big secret on how to keep a rottweiler happy is to ensure they get the right kind of training. This breed is smart and quite easy to train, but dog owners should not become too lax about it. A lot of training is necessary from an early age so that your rottweiler becomes obedient.

It’s not just the dogs that would require training though. Families with rottweilers should also undergo training and understand how crucial consistency is. Having family members that allow them to bark, jump up, or exhibit unwanted behavior can be detrimental to the canine’s training. And since a lot of people have the mistaken notion that rottweilers are aggressive, it’s vital that your dog is trained in being on-leash and off-leash.

All Rottweiler owners know just how special these dogs are. Rottweilers are sensitive, loving, and highly intelligent. But they are also a challenge to own. Dog lovers who are determined of getting a Rottweiler should know all about how to keep a rottweiler happy and healthy. More importantly, they should be committed to doing it.


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