8 Puppies Who Are Just Confused By Life

Below we have a compilation of some adorable and confused puppies & dogs… But how can we blame them? Life is confusing!

Best. Pillow. Ever.

Adorable Rottweiler puppy

 What is this strange tower?

Adorable Chihuahua puppy

“I’ve made a big mistake.”

Golden Retriever

These Pugs aren’t exactly sure what lies before them

Pugs not sure what they're looking at

Poor baby!

Poor German Shepherd

This doggy is under attack and the enemy is closing in fast!

Doggy scared of kittens closing in!

John Cena has some competition! 😛

Husky "You can't see me. Im a flower."

The Truth has never been spoken so well!

How we see Yorkies vs How they see themselves!

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