The Most Adorable Yorkie Puppy You’ll Ever See

It’s little miss Misa Minnie the world’s smartest(and cutest) Yorkie puppy ever! She’s at it again 🙂 In this video, little Misa Minnie is 18 weeks old and loves to show off all of her tricks!
(Scroll down for video)

“Misa Minnie is 18 weeks old in this video and is home trained by her mom. We use Stella and Chewy treats and pumpkin dog cookies in this video.” ~ At-home dog training

In my opinion, she is just so cute that she doesn’t even need the bow in her hair!

The tricks shown in this video are:

Shake paw
Lie down
high five
Sit pretty/beg
Go to bed
Sitting for grooming
Jump over
Figure 8
Balance treat on nose

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