Dog owners love for Labrador will melt your heart

They say that a dog is man’s best friend, but Victoria March is determined to show her love for Lenny the Labrador by helping him to walk again after a serious car crash. Victoria, a 33-year-old housing manager from Benthall, near Ironbridge is trying to raise £5,000 for specialist hydrotherapy treatment which could allow him to regain the use of his back legs for the first time since his spine was fractured in a car accident nearly two years ago.

Victoria’s car overturned in Norfolk on October 13 and even though she fractured her own back, she refused to get taken to the hospital until she was confident Lenny(her Labrador) was being taken to the vet.

“The emergency vet was unable to come out, and when I heard Lenny crying I got out of the ambulance,” she said. “Lenny was left with no movement in his back legs.”

“In the end a fireman got into the back of the ambulance with Lenny, and they took Lenny to the vets before I went to hospital.”

If that is not the ultimate love for your dog then I don’t know what is… Hats off to you Victoria March 🙂

We have all been down in the dumps I’m sure. And there are not many stories out there that could make us smile during those times, but after reading the story of Victoria March and her dedication to her best friend Lenny I had only one conclusion- I know that this is one of those stories.

If you would like to assist Victoria March you can support her cause to get Lenny to walk again through gofundme.

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