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9 Signs Your German Shepherd Is Obsessed With You

What has four paws, a wiggly nose, and a tail that wags just for you? Your  German Shepherd, of course! How do you know your dog loves you? So here it is, 11 ways you know your German Shepherd loves you. 1- Jumps on you, possibly in a full body slam. The excitement is why

15 Reasons Why German Shepherds Are The BEST Dogs

German Shepherds have a long standing history as guard dogs, trained to serve, protect and intimidate. They’ve been cast in action films and awarded medals of honor so is it really any wonder why we would want one for ourselves? If you’re left unconvinced about the range of benefits that come with adopting a German

US Court rules that cops can kill dogs just for being dogs

Mark and Cheryl Brown, of Battle Creek, Michigan, filed a lawsuit against the BATTLE CREEK Police Department; the City of Battle Creek, and police officers Jeffrey Case, Christof Klein, and Damon Young; for killing their two pit bulls with no justification . The incident happened when police were busted the Browns house in search of