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12 Reasons Why Yorkies Should Be Illegal

We’ve got 12 reasons Why Yorkies Should Be Illegal: 1. They make the cutest puppies. 2. Especially when they sit in that adorable position… 3. Two or more yorkies together is the stuff of dreams 4. And when they grow up, they get even better. 5. They love dressing up for an occasion, and look very

14 Signs You’re the Crazy Yorkie Lady… and Damn Proud To Be!

1. You refer to your Yorkie as your baby and to yourself as their mom 2. Things that are normally for human children are now completely normal for your yorkies as well… 3. …because you consider your yorkie your child… an integral member of your family, not just your ‘pet’. 4. No matter where you

9 Things Your Yorkie Wants to Tell You

1-“I want to protect you.” You may think your dog belongs to you, but you belong to your dog, as well. That means he is going to claim you and protect you.When he’s sitting on your foot, it’s an ownership thing. If his [bottom] is on you, he’s marking your foot.It’s not just that he

9 Reasons You Should Cuddle Your Yorkie More Often

Most Yorkie owners would agree that you don’t need a reason to cuddle your Yorkies more often — if anything, a Yorkie’s stare and nuzzle is enough to melt any pooch lover’s heart. There are, however, actual benefits to cuddling and petting your furry best friend. 1-Your Yorkie needs it. Science says so. If science

2 Beloved Yorkshire Terriers killed Protecting Owner from Rottweiler

Police are investigating after a Rottweiler attacked and killed two Yorkshire Terriers. The incident happened in the evening on Charles Street in Selden, Long Island. source: Chelsea Houston posted about the incident on Facebook, saying she was walking her two Yorkies, Sebastian and Holly, when they were viciously attacked by the larger dog. She