Watch The Cutest Siberian Husky Puppy Stuck Inside Bin

This little Husky pup ended up in a cute position after being placed in a trashcan – The result is adorableness as you can see!
(scroll down for video)

“Our Siberian Husky Puppy Pepper used to be so small that he fit in our tiny trashcan! He thought it was a toy, it was so cute! 😀 He knocked it over and stuck his head in, so I put him inside to see how he’d like it. I was careful not to hurt him at all and I only did it this one time. Also, I just want to clarify that he he wasn’t hurt and he actually likes that trashcan. Once he outgrew it (which was really fast), he settled for eating our garbage out of it instead. That trashcan is still one of his best friends.”

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