Watch what a deaf Pug does when his owner comes home!

This 11 year old Pug who is deaf doesn’t hear what he sounds like so what does he do? Sing!

This is one of the reasons his owners love him so much and they even say that he sings when no one is around too. Imagine that.. Imagine what it would be like if every animal couldn’t hear themselves and so didn’t care how they sounded! In this case, it is funny and adorable but I am not so sure about larger animals like cows or even elephants!

One thing I love about Pugs is the fact they’re so adorably unique, this deaf Pug is a sterling example of that fact and I am sure others will agree as well. Videos like this however, make you think of what the world wold be like if, say – everyone/everything went deaf – what exactly would happen? Would we all be like this deaf Pug? Would we all have to learn sign language? So many questions.. Watch the video again and try to think for yourselves! 🙂

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