Managing Dog Obedience Problems

The difference between having an obedient pooch and a misbehaved one relies on how well you train him or her. Below are some points about managing dog obedience problems and to think about and incorporate when proceeding with dog training.

Some people do not have much knowledge or have not done any research with regards to owning a dog and training their dog – especially people who want a dog but don’t yet own one.

A good start in dog obedience problems management is knowing that dogs are social creatures, they originate from a pack-like upbringing through generations and because of this are used to following a sequence or set social system of order.

dog obedience problems - german shepherdsJust like wolves, dogs originate from packs and pack-like groups. This means that, even though a wild animal has been tamed and most of their pre enforced traits and social characteristics diminished – a portion of the native behaviors and instincts are still present and will remain so.

As already mentioned, dogs are social creatures and love interactions with other dogs, so what does this mean with regards to us? Well dogs do not see or consider us as being humans, they consider us as being other dogs – strange looking but still, nonetheless dogs.

Just like their cousins, wolves – dogs experience rejection from the pack or “pack rejection”. If for some reason you don’t unwillingly provide him or her this experience(pack rejection) your hound shall become sporadically unhappy and agitated.

In the consideration of dog training, you can incorporate this approach to reward / punish your canine. Examples of rewarding behavior can include doggie treats and even simple things such as talking / interacting with your dog in an exciting manner(encouraging, exciting and enthusiastic tone) or even patting your dog. On the other end of the spectrum, totally ignoring your dog / not paying any attention to him / her is effective treatment to your dog when something negative happens or they misbehave for example – this is much better than hitting your dog. Keep this in mind if you ever see someone hitting their dog for bad behavior.

Another common characteristic / trait of dog behavior is (also similar to most other animals, even humans) is that they love to operate and live within a system or order. An example of this is, when dogs understand what it is they want or need and have learned the best times which give the highest chance of achieving their wants / needs – they will be more relaxed, comfortable and calm. This is because they have recognized what to prepare for and are not in constant alert from an always changing environment.

With regards to dog training, this means that training times should be uniform and confined to a certain allocated system. Obviously this is hard to get 100% correct and things will never be perfect but as long as you try your best to go by this rule it should be fine. If you get this part right your dog will begin preparations for training time before it starts and this can greatly benefit the results and the difficulty of the actual dog training process.


A key factor with regards to dog training and dog obedience problems within training is maintaining yourself as the alpha position. This includes preventing and intervening when bad behavior starts, how you present yourself – your body language as well as your vocal tone and also providing of food. All these play a role in establishing yourself as the alpha in the social structure.

If you are wondering how important this is, let me just say you do want your dog to think and hold you as the alpha in the pack because if he or she does not, they will certainly not listen to you or take you seriously enough – and this can create big problems when dealing with dog obedience problems and dog training.

Alphas in a pack social order are the ones that are the protectors and leaders of the pack and makes sure that the pack survives with regards to shelter, safety and most importantly food.

An interesting point, as already mentioned here is the fact that dogs do not view you as humans. They view you as peculiar dogs and believe it or not they could even think of you as the one with dog obedience problems!

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