Important Dog Safety Tips

No one plans for their four-legged friends to get lost, or even stolen but it happens and the infamous thought that allows it to happen is “It will never happen to me” – In this article we have put together several dog safety tips to help keep you on top of your dog’s safety and can be satisfied with peace of mind 🙂

One thing that all of us at some point(or most of us) tend to do and can end up having dire consequences is removing our doggie’s tags or collar and forget to put it back on. Either while bathing/cleaning our pooch or if we simply don’t like the noise it makes as the dog shakes – a lot of us are guilty of this. On the contrary, dogs can easily get the collar off themselves if motivated enough. – Your dog must always wear a collar with tags that are updated and if the collar breaks off for whatever reason – a microchip will help to identify your pet.
~ Customizable collar | Customizable tags

Scanning for a microchip can be done at any veterinarian or shelter. The method of administering the microchip is done much like a vaccination and any veterinarian can do it. Where do you get a microchip? Well you can get one from your local vet or at a shelter for often times half the price. Usually between $20 and $75. Is your dog’s safety and your peace of mind worth $20? I’d hope so!
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More dog safety tips include change to normal routine for the dog: another problem that we have to deal with at some point or another is high-stress situations at home. These situations can stress out our dogs and potentially make them run away. Examples of these types of situations are moving days, workers working on the house etc. There are ways to combat this and as always, prevention is the best solution – leave your dog with a friend or family if necessary or simply keep them in a room(with food water and their favorite toy if necessary) until the home is back to normal.

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