Dog Training basics: What you should know!

The majority of people(whether dog owners or not) really think and believe that dog training is quite difficult – in simple terms it really isn’t and another fact that many people don’t know is that all dogs are trainable. In this article we will go over dog training basics and a lot more 🙂

Dog taining basics rottweilerIf you are reading this with the preconceived notion that dog training is hard, or tiresome and a drag.. then Stop and consider that maybe, just maybe: dog training can be fun!  – It really can be and is(depending on your attitude). While starting on that note we must remember the obvious that some dog breeds are more easily trainable than others. The problem and untruth here though, is the idea that some dogs simply aren’t trainable – that is false.

The parameters that you can measure your dog training basics progress and success is as follows:

  • Amount of time it took to pass on the dog training skills to your dog.
  • The quality of skills instilled into your dog.
  • And for how long the skills are remembered and practiced by your dog.

Keep in mind that the time it takes to pass on the skills to your pooch, the ease/difficulty you experience instilling the skills in the dog or if your pooch has trouble remembering or displaying the skills you have previously taught to him/her doesn’t mean that you are doing it wrong or that there is no hope. There are multiple variables at play here: The initial variable is our dedication, skill and knowledge as a dog trainer / owner and another variable is the dog’s natural ability along with what type of your breed your doggie is because as mentioned earlier, some dog breeds are more easily trainable than others.

Another point that is worth mentioning here is that some skills can only be instilled into your pooch at a young age – what this means that the common narrative that puppies under the age of 6 months shouldn’t be trained is factually incorrect. Some skills to teach your dog are much harder to instill after your dog is older than 6 months you’ll find.

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