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Doggy Dan Review

Summary: This is a detailed and honest doggy dan review as I share my experience with it as a customer and a dog owner.

Two months ago, we gave in to our son’s daily whines and bought him a dog. The agreement from day one was that he would cater to the dog’s every need. We saw it as a way to get him a new playmate now that he had no sibling and we had no plan of getting him one. We also saw it as an opportunity to teach him some valuable lessons in responsibility. Besides, my husband secretly wanted a dog for himself too. So, we got him the dog, which to my surprise was untrained.

I don’t know what I expected, but I thought our new dog would know how to respond to command and all. The long and short of it: my house was a mess! I needed help before I lost my mind. One day when I was researching in dog training methods, I came across Doggy Dan’s online training. I was skeptical at first but decided to try it after reading through all the positive reviews.

What Does Doggy Dan’s Online Training Entail?

Doggy Dan, as he refers to himself, is a dog trainer with experience in training dogs of all ages. He promises results in only three days within which he will charge you a measly $1. If you wish to proceed after those three days, you can go ahead and pay the modest monthly charge. In the three-day trial, he lets you know why your dog may be behaving the way it is and how you can remedy the situation. He also breaks down the myths (several that I was guilty of) such as punishing your dog or yelling when they did something that did not please you.
He lets you know how you can substitute those bad practices with efficient ones that will not only lead to your dog behaving better, but will also leave you feeling like a better human being for it.

Who Is Doggy Dan?

Before writing this doggy dan review or even before purchasing membership I did thorough research of ‘Doggy Dan’. The brain behind this online program is Daniel Abdelnoor, a dog trainer, and behavioral expert. He is also an author of high acclaim, a media personality, an animal rights activist, and a celebrity dog trainer. He says he got into training after noting that the traditional methods of training such as using a shock collar or screaming at the dog (which I used to do) were not only cruel but ineffective too.

Dan says he went on to put the shock collar on himself to experience how it works on the dog, and he says it hurt, even though he used the lowest settings. He concluded that if it hurt him, then it must have hurt the dog more. He designed this program to help people train their dogs more effectively and to foster relationships between man and canine that would last the test of time.

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How the Program Works

Doggy Dan has put together years of research and experience into videos that you can access from all your gadgets to try from the comfort of your home. He breaks down the behavior of dogs, and how they differ from human beings, which helped me learn how to relate with ours. I found them so easy to follow because even our 5-year-old helped with the training. I found the information quite enlightening and realized that we had been approaching the whole process all wrong.

What I liked about the Program


I loved the tone of the instructions. The videos are so easy to follow even though the information is coming from an expert in the field. I expected him to make the tutorials complicated so that we could just throw in the towel and call him in, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. He starts debunking the common myths of training your dog and giving you better methods of approach. By the third day, we could already see signs of improvement.

The Passion

Most people do what they do to earn a living, but it is evident from the videos that Doggy Dan is passionate about his work. He honestly cares about animals, so much that he made me look at my pet differently. I got the impression that for him, it was more than an income generating idea, but more like helping out dog owners who are at the verge of despair.

The cost

Being that this is a doggy dan review, I must be honest with all pieces of information regarding the course. Honestly, the training was worth way more than what we paid. We started with the three day trial at $1 then signed up for six months on the second day. For the $147 we paid, we got over ten times that in value.


This is probably the most exciting bit of our training. After only five days of training, our dog, Misty, was already complying. She was already using the doggy door and sitting on command. By the tenth day, she had stopped chewing on my upholstery, and she took her doggy doll instead. She went from being my worst nightmare to my best friend in only ten days! That is a dog miracle to me.

Anything I did not like?

This is a minor one, but I found the videos a bit tedious to follow at first, only because I could not load them on my tablet (a problem on my side that my husband helped resolve).By day three, all was flowing without a hitch.

What Do I think About the Online Doggy Training?

If you are a dog owner who needs help taming their little one, here is hope. This online program not only trains your dog, but also teaches you how to relate with them. The little ones have feelings too and once we understand what to expect from them, our lives become so much easier. Misty no longer barks at everything that walks and she has perfected potty time. She also knows when it is time to take her walk. Our son has taken over her care, which has already changed him a great deal. Doggy Dan’s online training is the best gift to dog owners.

If you are interested in building a long lasting and happy relationship with your dog, you can learn more about Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training here.

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