German Shepherd found 2500 miles away after 3 years

A family separated from their German Shepherd dog finally got the call they had been waiting three years for. Watch the video below.

“A shelter employee called them a couple of weeks ago and said they found six-year-old Rico on a street nearly 2,500 miles away in Virginia. Owner Andrea Arce said Rico was taken from the family during a messy break-up and given away three years ago, she and her kids were heartbroken. It’s unclear how he ended up all the way in Virginia.”

“Saturday night, Rico was flown back home on a United Airlines flight, and Arce and her daughters, 6 and 8, went to pick him up. The girls had no idea they were being reunited with their former friend.

As the family walked up to Rico’s crate, he began scratching and whining. When he was finally let out it was clear Rico remembered his owners.”

A quote comes to mind here “Dogs are more loyal than humans.” And I can honestly agree.

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