German Shepherd Handbook Review

In this post we will take a look at and review the ‘German Shepherd Handbook’

Summary: The German Shepherd Handbook, while presenting itself as a typical money-grabber does have a lot of valuable information. Information that would otherwise take hours and hours of research to find and utilize as well as years of experience with actual German Shepherds – so for it’s shortcomings, this product is definitely worth a look.

I have 2 German Shepherds myself and before I wrote this review I bought the Handbook myself – I wouldn’t tell you this otherwise. Secondly, the main reason for this review is to simply get this point across: if you would like a long lasting and happy relationship with your German Shepherd but do not want to spend hours and hours researching on how to accomplish this – then I as a German Shepherd owner and enthusiast, recommend this product to you. – It’s that simple. Is a happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship with your GSD worth a few dollars? I’d hope so.

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So, what is the German Shepherd Handbook and why should you care? Well to start with, the vast majority of German Shepherd owners do not know what it is like to have a happy AND well-behaved German Shepherd – in fact, most dog owners don’t even bother to simply learn a few tricks, read up about the dos & donts or even make an attempt to train their pooch. Now this isn’t seen as a huge problem in the dog owner circle, but that is where things are wrong – depending on how you go about it, what attitude you have in the beginning and how much you actually want to accomplish it – dog training can be easy and fun, not only for you but for your doggie too! 🙂

How much information do you know about your GSD? if you are like most dog owners, then you probably don’t know that much 😛 – don’t feel bad we all are guilty of that at some point! But as mentioned earlier, just a little bit of time and research can change this.

This is where the German Shepherd handbook proves it’s value to you – instead of spending countless hours researching or listening to anecdotal experiences of fellow GSD owners – why not read up in this handbook SPECIFICALLY dedicated to people like you! – People who want a long lasting and rewarding relationship with their GSD and all the information in a convenient place.

In the German Shepherd Handbook – you will not only have an eloquently worded and fun book with all possible information regarding your German Shepherd, but also – you will be able to know exactly what to do in times of emergency regarding your pooch(these times do happen).

“This Information-Packed Handbook Will Teach You Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About German Shepherd Dogs.
You’ll Learn How To Get That ‘Best Friend’ Relationship With Your GSD, That Most Dog Owners Can Only Dream Of Having.” -Michael Topscott

The author of this book is an owner of multiple German Shepherd dogs and has also been a volunteer for many years at a dog-rescue organization.

In total I’d give this book a 3.5 – 4 out of 5 stars.

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The German Shepherd Handbook

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