Scout the Golden Retriever puppy sees his twin in the mirror!

So this 6 week old Golden Retriever puppy named Scout, can’t help being one of the most adorable little puppies ever! I’ve always tried to get one of my pets to focus on their reflection in the mirror but it never worked, all they did was look at themselves and immediately look away- unphased. I was always jealous when I see adorable videos like this but then I realize my pets are unique in their own ways 🙂

I wonder if they know it’s really their reflection that imitates every motion.. I know they probably don’t hence why they continually attack/play with the mirror but still – these types of videos sure make me wonder. 😛

If I ever get a Golden Retriever puppy I will be sure to put him/her in front of a mirror and capture it on video, who knows maybe they’ll do the same thing – If you have pets at home(And you probably do since you’re on this site) Why don’t you try it too, make sure to get it on video so we can all bask in the adorableness!

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