Guess what this Siberian Husky did?


The firefighters at the CA Ventura Co Fire Station 50 have spent a lot of time lately dealing with situations caused by rain and flooding, but they responded to a rather unusual call that gave them a break from all of that. A Siberian Husky puppy must have been looking for a way to get outside and play when he got his head stuck in a dryer vent.

The adorable little dog was in quite the predicament when firefighters arrived, but he was all too happy to have people working to get him free. Within five minutes, the rescuers had the pup’s head un-stuck, and the dog went back to his grateful family.


Most Siberian Husky owners can tell you that dogs of this breed are known for being escape artists. But it looks like this little guy has a long way to go before he can Houdini his way outside. I’m glad the dog is safe and sound now, and while we’re left with some pretty silly pictures, I hope the owners keep a little better eye on their dog next time.

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