After Running Away, A Golden Retriever Found His Way Home After 2 Years (Video)

After hearing a gun shot in Tahoe National Forest on November 2012, Murphy – a couple’s Golden Retriever ran off scared. The couple chased but could not find Murphy, the husband then set up a Facebook page in order to post images and for people to post dog sightings in hopes of their dog being spotted. (scroll down for video)

Then, One day at a French Meadows Reservoir campsite, about 5 miles from where Murphy was lost, another group of campers spotted a dog that fit the description and called the couple, after driving out to the camp site they handed Murphy’s blanket and a ball cap to the campers in hopes that Murphy would recognize it, and evidently he did! After some time passed Murphy was lured into a kennel and the couple became reunited with their lost friend.

Even though this isn’t exactly recent, it still gives hope to those who have lost their dogs and need to hear a positive story with a happy ending 🙂

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