Managing Dog Fur/Hair Shedding – Everything You Should Know

It’s nearly Spring and that means the shedding season is on its way, we here at DogLuvas wish to only help you in this continuous battle! We have a few ideas in order to help keep dog fur shedding under control.


Vacuuming is underestimated in the shedding area – for some particular reason, but honestly it is a very useful tool to have and use especially for certain breeds who continuously shed thick fur. Make sure to invest in a good Vacuum cleaner (product featured below)

Which has options specifically for pet hair if you can. If you get one which is safe to use on your pooch, make sure to incorporate it gradually into your routine so that your dog can get used to it.


Make sure to bathe your dog regularly and if you do so before you brush, it’s an added bonus because loose and dead hair becomes much easier to remove. You could ask your veterinarian about good bathing gloves so you can clean your dog while they bathe. Afterwards, you can blow dry your dog’s hair on a low-cool setting which will further loosen and get rid of dead hair.


Making sure to continuously and regularly brush our doggie’s coat can lower the difficulty of effectively managing dog fur shedding by a large amount – especially during shedding season. Regular brushing of your dog’s coat can be done most effectively with undercoat rakes, wire slicker brushes, hound gloves or shedding blades.

We here at DogLuvas, with the advice of a leading Veterinarian – recommend the #1 Rated self cleaning slicker brush (product featured below)

Make sure to take your doggie out for brushing sessions so that the fur refrains from getting all over the house(and it will).

Rubber Gloves trick

This is probably the most simple way to help the situation and can be done anytime with ease – Take dish washing gloves(yes, those long rubber gloves) and you can capture a lot of pet hair – so put them on, walk around the house and trail your hands down furniture, decor and your dogs themselves and watch the dog fur get absorbed and stuck to the rubber.

Furniture covering

If you ever wondered why some people have plastic all over their furniture well, prevention of food stains is just one reason – pet hair protection is also a popular reason. And when the covers get dirty or when you get guests over just pop them in the wash and viola – an easy way to protect your furniture from dog fur shedding.



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