Meet Britian’s tiniest dog – Tyson the Lisa-Chi

This Lisa-Chi Stands at just four inches tall and weighs at 11 ounces… say hello to Tyson! – He is apparently Britain’s tiniest dog.

Tyson is a Lisa-Chi – a cross between a Lhasa Apso and a Chihuahua, he was born on Mother’s Day along with his four brothers and sisters, owner Rosemarie McLinden had to build a unique crate for the puppy to live in as his larger siblings thought he was just a toy!

Being a Lisa-Chi, Tyson was already expected to be small due to his parents’ genetics but no one could have predicted just how tiny and cute Tyson actually was… Until they met him 🙂 The funny part about this is his name, when one thinks of Tyson – I’m sure they think of.. say Mike Tyson(big, strong and tough) and then the contrast produced when they see this little guy makes it even more adorable.