Preparing your Dog for a Newborn Baby

Many of us dog lovers feel that our dogs are really our first babies. But what do you do when you are expecting a newborn baby? There are a few dog preparations to be aware of.

Newborn baby and your dog preparations

Some people, out of fear that their pooch could potentially harm their baby get rid of their dogs. – This is not only impractical but highly unnecessary.. Your dog can be of absolutely no harm when it comes to having a newborn baby, in fact – as with most dog related concerns, proper training and care will ensure your dog and baby get along just fine 🙂

An interesting point with regards to this topic is the fact that babies and pets get along very well if raised properly together and another important fact is that if you raise your child with animals – they learn to love and care for them as they get older. This also has an effect on your child as they grow to respect all life.

Something to bare in mind is the fact that once a newborn baby is brought onto the scene – the dog / dogs will be treated differently(in most cases) and because of this, the dog or dogs may behave differently – This can either be a cause for concern or even minor changes will be noticeable. As mentioned countless times though – proper training and care will be your best ally in this situation and the vast majority of further dog behavioral problems and management.

A lot of the time our pets are the core of our world’s and because of this – when newborn babies suddenly arrive, some owners will show less attention to our dogs and this can cause our pets to become ‘jealous’ if they are unable and ill-prepared to handle the inevitable shift of favor and focus in our lives. This can be countered though, with effort and time spent to ensure our pooches are prepared for our children’s new arrival. The aim of this is to ultimately and obviously have everyone living together in peace 🙂

Often times our dogs become protective of the baby. – Now this can obviously reap benefits as I as a dog owner myself would much rather have a dog who cared and felt protective over my child rather than jealous or nasty. But problems do arise when our canine’s feel overprotective – this causes them to not allow anyone near the baby and when this occurs obviously it is dangerous and unwanted. Unfortunately incidents are a major factor in kicking dogs out of our houses upon newborn baby arrival.

As i have mentioned earlier – dog preparations are in order for this experience to be the most pleasant for all. Some methods that can help better prepare your dog include utilizing calming herbs, oils & aromatherapy as well as medications that can make things easier in order to have a better-behaved dog.

Remember: If you are really unsure that your pets will be accepting and loving of your newborn baby then you must seek advice from professionals on proper dog preparations.

Some helpful tips in order to prepare your dog are:Refrain from allowing bad dog behavior – if you notice changed in your dog which are negative then you must try to gently correct these changes. Remember that with dog training you must make sure that both you and your dog are enjoying yourselves – if one of you isn’t, then the other will not and training will be made much harder,tiresome and tedious.Keep a calm and commanding tone when addressing your pooch and let your dog know what it needs to do through your tone – if you want him or her to stop what they are doing then make sure to use a straightforward and command-like tone. If you want your dog to come with you or do something else, encouraging and exciting tones will be in order to get the best result from your dog. Remember that if your dog gets too excited and sporadic then tone it down, take it from a 10 to about an 8, and so on.Remember to be calm but assertive because our pooches really do pick up on our emotions leading to their behaviors changing with what we give off.
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Remember though, dog preparations for newborn baby arrival must be handled with care due to accidents that may arise and absolutely be avoidable and as mentioned earlier – if you are unsure on whether your dog or dogs will be able to handle properly the arrival of a newborn then you must see guidance and help from professionals(veterinarians, dog trainers etc.)

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