Mojo the Pit Bull Puppy Ecstatically Reunited with Rescuer

Meet Mojo the Pit Bull puppy who has been reunited with his rescuer 🙂
(scroll down for video)

“Mojo was surrendered to Baie Ste Marie Animal Society in Clare, Nova Scotia in 2013.
With the help of Parade Street Vet, PEI Small Animal Hospital and so many volunteers, Mojo is now on is way to a full recovery. This was made possible by the many donations that were received from wonderful and caring people all over the world.

Mojo was severely dehydrated and was starving. Mojo had severe Demodectic Mange. Demodectic Mange is a non-contagious skin disease caused by a tiny parasite that lives in the hair follicles and skin glands of dogs. All puppies are infected with mites from contact with the skin of their mother while nursing. The mites are present in the skin of many healthy dogs and do not cause disease. Because young dogs usually have a poor immune system, Demodectic mange occurs primarily in dogs younger than 2 years of age.
Neglect, poor living conditions and malnutrition exasperated this condition.”

And now thanks to the care of the man in the video and his wife, Mojo is on the way to achieving a full recovery and you can check out their Facebook page for Mojo right here.

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