Police dogs

As mentioned in other articles, dogs provide large amounts of value to human life and play roles far greater than simply being “man’s best friend” but play other important roles like police dogs and bomb sniffers.

Dogs used to be available for roles that are now mostly taken over by newer and improved methods for example: messengers, during World War 2: German Shepherds were used to carry messages and letters from one base to another/from one unit to another, through rough terrain that vehicles wouldn’t be able to cross, and other soldiers would either be detected/caught or were too slow – this is a job perfect for German Shepherds due to their speed, cunning and flexible movement. But this is just one example of how dogs have adapted and been of service to humans from the beginning of history.

Fun Fact: The most decorated dog during world war 2 was a German Shepherd named Chips.

German Shepherds are not only used for war though, as we all know they are recognized worldwide as K9 police dogs and bomb sniffers.

German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and it is no wonder why they are partnered with the government, law enforcement and the military – their sense of smell is one of the best if not the best, among dogs and it is a great thing they are used to much because without them in the military/law enforcement, many criminals would still be out there and not behind bars where they belong.

Police dogs are often seen as scary or strict – especially in my case because We used to own  an ex-police dog named Roxy and whenever friends or relatives would come by, a lot of them would be slightly fearful of old Roxy because even though she was no longer a police dog or young, she was still tough looking. We have Roxy to thank for keeping our house safe because the same could be said for intruders or strangers – Every time Roxy would lay her eyes on them, they would immediately dart off in the opposite direction due to her loud barking and alert.

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