Cute or Sad? Pug Waiting Outside Starbucks Takes the World By Storm

pug in window

As humans, we need coffee. As pet owners, we need to take our dogs on walks. These interests converge when we get to enjoy a Coffee Dog Walk™. (That’s when you take your dog on a walk to the coffee shop.)

Unfortunately, most pets are prohibited from going inside food establishments (thanks a lot, FDA), and we wind up leaving our pups outside while we quickly pop in.

Yesterday, one such dog blew up the internet: An exceptionally worried pug sits at the front door of Starbucks—his already-smooshed face even further smooshed against the window.

A debate began on Reddit: Is his brow furrowed with concern for his owner’s well-being? Or is he just wondering about the status of his Chestnut Praline Latte (no whip)?

No matter. His adorable, earnest face, is primed to become a meme either way. Maybe he’s the next Introspective Pug?

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