Rescue Dog Is Having The Most Paw-fect Time Playing With His Ball Launcher!

It’s so wonderful to see a dog who was previously a stray, or was abandoned or neglected, finally have a loving home. You can see just how much they have changed when they finally get the love and the attention they deserve. 🙂They become even more beautiful and glowing with happiness! As seen in this video.

The pooch in the video below is also a rescue dog. While we don’t know what his past was, we’re just glad that he has a home where he can be the happy and playful dog that he is!

I adore how he gets so excited and jumps around waiting for the ball to be launched. It’s truly heartwarming. 🙂
Do you know anyone with a rescue dog? Do you have a rescue dog yourself? If so, then I am sure you know just how beautiful it is to see them warm up to people once again!

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