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Managing Dog Obedience Problems

The difference between having an obedient pooch and a misbehaved one relies on how well you train him or her. Below are some points about managing dog obedience problems and to think about and incorporate when proceeding with dog training.

Dog Training basics: What you should know!

The majority of people(whether dog owners or not) really think and believe that dog training is quite difficult – in simple terms it really isn’t and another fact that many people don’t know is that all dogs are trainable. In this article we will go over dog training basics and a lot more 🙂 If

Important Dog Safety Tips

No one plans for their four-legged friends to get lost, or even stolen but it happens and the infamous thought that allows it to happen is “It will never happen to me” – In this article we have put together several dog safety tips to help keep you on top of your dog’s safety and

Police dogs

As mentioned in other articles, dogs provide large amounts of value to human life and play roles far greater than simply being “man’s best friend” but play other important roles like police dogs and bomb sniffers. Dogs used to be available for roles that are now mostly taken over by newer and improved methods for

How to manage dog fur shedding

It’s nearly Spring and that means the shedding season is on its way, we here at DogLuvas wish to only help you in this continuous battle! We have a few ideas in order to help keep dog fur shedding under control. Vacuuming  Vacuuming is underestimated in the shedding area – for some particular reason, but