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Trenton man charged with torturing, killing Yorkies

TRENTON. Mich. – A Trenton man who was studying to become a crime scene investigator was in court Tuesday, and a judge charged him with torturing and killing animals. Rick Bonds said his son, Allen, loved animals and isn’t capable of the horrific crimes he’s accused of. Trenton police said Bonds tortured, poisoned and killed

Woman Caught Biting And Hitting Her Dog on Subway In Horrific Video

Disturbing footage has emerged online of a woman hitting and biting a dog on a train in Canada. YouTube user Roxy Huang uploaded the video, saying the blatant animal abuse happened on a Toronto Transport Commission (TTC) train as she was travelling home from work, Global News Canada. The dog can be heard crying as

Montreal’s Pit Bull Ban May Soon Spread To The Whole Province

A ban on pit bull type dogs in Montreal may soon be extended to the entire Canadian province of Quebec. The proposed law aims to protect the public from dangerous dogs, according to the province’s public safety minister, Martin Coiteux — despite massive public outcry and experts claiming it only victimizes dogs and their families.