Watch an Adorable Newborn Husky Puppy Sleeping (Video)

Caution: Prepare to be overwhelmed with the “Aww” feeling! 
(Scroll down for video)

“Ferrero is our second born little husky boy for this time litter. He is so cute with his tongue out when he sleeps. And the puppy smell from his mouth is sooo nice and sweet, can’t stop looking at him! For those who are lucky enough to see husky puppies as young as at birth, would understand what I mean by their smell being soooo sweet!”

If you are wondering why there is a ribbon around his neck, it is for medical reasons and not for decorative purposes. The ribbons are loosely put on so no chance of interrupted breathing can occur 🙂

As puppies are born, it is difficult to differentiate each and it is very important to keep track of each and every puppy to keep track of certain information for example: Feeding time, temperature and sleeping times. Share the cuteness of this Puppy with your friends and family using the buttons below

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