Why dogs are awesome

There is a reason why dogs are referred to as “Man’s best friend” because not only are dogs great companions and friends, they are there for us no matter what. No matter what we look like, what we say – they’ll be there for us in the end..

Husky dog

They will protect us and alert us to any danger, they will help us if we are in need. They can sense when we are in a bad place in life, if we are feeling down and depressed they really do pick up on it and make sure to let us know in many ways, that it’ll get better 🙂

Many dogs are used for services though, such as Sheep dogs(used to herd sheep and keep them together) Caucasian Shepherds who in some places are used to hunt wolves and even bears due to their extremely large muscle and bone density. Huskies are used in snowy parts of the globe to pull sleighs and work together – This is one of the reasons Huskies love the cold weather – well to us it is cold, but to them it’s quite warm and nice. Huskies love being active outside and if you own a Husky remember it is important they have a nice area to get some exercise 🙂

Other dogs are meant to be companions and keep us company, such as Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Maltese and Corgis – these dogs are pun-sized or some would say ‘fun-sized’ due to their tiny appearance and frame. The funny thing though, is that many times these types of pooches are the loudest, and most high pitched in their vocals so if an intruder is nearby who shouldn’t be – you can count on these dogs to sound the alarm… But not much else 😛

German Shepherd dog staring

German Shepherds have always been referred to as the police dogs,  due to their long affiliation with not only the police, but Military, fire departments and special police units like anti-terrorism. As a former German Shepherd owner I can attest to that fact – Once we had an intruder on our property but at the first sight of our German Shepherd – Roxy, and our Great Dane – Angel, the intruder became super human and jumped over our quite high wall. If not for our dogs who knows what the intruder’s intentions were? I for one am glad to not have found out! – and this is only one example of how dogs have helped us out.

Dogs have an extremely precise sense of smell and as I have already mentioned, is one of the reasons they work with the police, whether it be smelling for drugs/narcotics or any other distinct odour that they pick up. This has helped law enforcement immensely and without the use and help of Our best friends, many more criminals would be free to break the law.  So in conclusion, if you ever wondered why dogs are awesome.. These are just a few reasons in a list that is infinite.

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