Wolf Hybrid vs Husky (VIDEO)

In this video taken at Millrace Park in Taylorsville, Utah we have a Husky and a Wolf/Husky hybrid… Who wins? One thing to notice is the size difference, take a look at how big the Wolf hybrid is compared to the Husky – even though this wolfdog is low content, it is still quite noticeable really! 🙂

“Today at the dog park was a massive wolf dog. Beautiful pup, and Link (my husky) had a blast playing with him. What a gentle giant! 😉 I mean, the size difference alone made my jaw drop. And Link’s pretty big for a husky. (and yes, I know wolves are a lot larger than huskies, just never seen them side by side before.”  Read more about wolfdogs below.

Wolf/Husky hybrids are commonly referred to as ‘wolfdogs

“Intra-hybridization between dogs and other subspecies of gray wolves are the most common wolfdogs since dogs and gray wolves are considered the same species, are genetically very close, and have shared vast portions of their ranges for millennia. Such hybridization in the wild have been detected in many populations scattered throughout Europe and North America, usually occurring in areas where wolf populations have declined from human impacts and persecutions.”

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